COURSE BITES: Footlogix Beginner

By Kat Hill | 23 November 2017 | Feature, News, Training

Footlogic Intro Kit Package Copy

Course Details: Offer pedicure treatments with Footlogix Pediceuticals range and learn how to perform the signature 10-step Footlogix Pedicure to rejuvenate, repair and moisturize the skin of the feet.

The course will see a focus on:

  • Hygiene and safe working practice
  • Client consultation
  • 10 Step Footlogix pedicure treatment
  • Nail Structure, anatomy and physiology
  • Diseases and disorders
  • Application techniques

Duration: One day

Location: Nationwide, on various dates

Requirements: No previous experience is needed to attend this course. Attendees are offered kits on booking within the course cost – Footlogix Backbar Kit or Footlogix Full School Kit (pictured).