COURSE BITES: Perfect French with CND™ Liquid & Powder

By Kat Hill | 22 June 2017 | Feature, News, Training

Course Details: Create the classic pink and phite, French nail enhancement with CND™’s Liquid & Powder system. Learn to sculpt beautiful smile lines by hand, built right into the structure of the nail enhancement. On this

class you will learn three techniques for creating beautiful French Nail Enhancements, including Classic CND™ Zone Sculpting, Reverse French Technique and the French Ombré Babyboomer design.

Duration: One day

Location: Nationwide, on various dates

Requirements:  To take the course you must have completed either CND™ Liquid & Powder Beginners or Conversion courses. A model is required, as well as a kit.The required kit list will be provided.