Covid-19: Personal care businesses in England can reopen from 12 April

By Helena Biggs | 05 April 2021 | Movers & Shakers, News

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Prime Minister, Boris Johnson, has today (5 April) revealed that non-essential businesses in England – including the personal care sector – can reopen from 12 April.

In a statement to the nation, he revealed:

“Thank you all for your patience, because it is really clear now that this is paying off and our collective efforts have given us the crucial time and space to vaccinate over 31 million people.

“The result of your efforts is that I can today confirm that from Monday 12 April we will move to step 2 of our roadmap…including the reopening non-essential businesses and the personal care sector.”

“We think that these changes are fully justified by the data but we can’t be complacent.

“We have set out our roadmap and are sticking to it and we see nothing in our present data that will see us deviate from the roadmap. We hope to make this roadmap to freedom irreversible.

From 12 April, there will still be restrictions around meeting indoors however in terms of mobile nail and beauty services, the government’s Covid-19 restrictions document states:

“Where a group includes someone covered by an exception (for example, someone who is working or volunteering), they are not generally counted as part of the gatherings limit. This means, for example, a tradesperson can go into a household without breaking the limit if they are there for work, and the officiant at a wedding would not count towards the limit.”

The British Beauty Council received the following comment from BEIS:

“As outlined in the roadmap, personal care services will reopen in Step 2. This includes those who provide personal care services from a mobile setting including their own home, in other people’s homes and in retail environments (such as a concession in a larger, separate business). Providers of personal care services in other people’s homes should follow the working safely guidance for close contact services as well as the guidance for working safely in other people’s homes.”

The guidelines for professionals offering close-contact services in England have been updated. Check them out, here.