Create hundreds of nail art designs with just 22 Toppers top coats

By Helena Biggs | 30 September 2018 | News, Products & Treatments

Toppers Side Tile Main Image

A dynamic duo from south Wales has launched Toppers; a range of Universal Top Coats that afford multiple design opportunities.

The soak off gel polish top coats are fully compliant with EU regulations and registered on the Cosmetic Product Notification Portal.

Conceptualised by Michaela Weaver and Jeff Parker, the 22 top coats include a clear and a matte no-wipe top coat alongside 20 shimmers, chunky glitters, fine glitters, dots and strands in a variety of colours.

“We take our inspiration from a mass of information: global colour trends, fashion trends, nail designs, and from asking professionals what their clients would like.” – Michaela Weaver

The top coats designed to multiply the number of manicure finishes you can achieve from your shade offering while saving space in your kit bag and on the salon shelves.


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