Create nail designs that are out of this world with iZ Galaxy Chrome Flakes

By Sophie Nutt | 23 January 2019 | News, Products & Treatments

Galaxy Chrome Flakes

Add an intergalactic effect to nail designs with the Galaxy Chrome Flake collection from iZ Beauty of London.

The arty additions create a multitude of special effects depending on the base nail shade; hinting a chrome effect when layered over white and a multitude of iridescent hues over a dark base.

Seeing four variants of the iridescent flakes, the Galaxy Chrome collection includes:

  • Nebula Chrome Flakes: these glow green and blue with a hint of gold when layered over black
  • Asteroid Chrome Flakes: these glow pink and purple with a hint of green when layered over black
  • Supernova Chrome Flakes: these glow purple and green with a hint of gold when layered over black
  • Interstellar Chrome Flakes: these glow blue and purple when layered over black

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