Chloe Randall

Create sparkly winter nails with NSI’s 3 pigmented acrylic powders

By Chloe Randall | 04 November 2021 | News, Products & Treatments

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NSI Nails has added three acrylic powders to its Perfectly Pretty range for autumn/winter 2021.

Formulated for strong enhancements with a glittering finish, these acrylic powders can be used within sculpts and tip & overlay creations or as a design powder.

The acrylic powders to join the range are:

  • Merlot Meadows- a dark, rich mulberry shade
  • Maple Leaf- a rose gold shade
  • Copper Crisp- a light, golden copper shade

These highly pigmented acrylic powders are available to purchase in 25g jars, alongside the other hues in the Perfectly Pretty range.

As well as adding sparkle, the powders offer strength and durability.

To purchase NSI’s Perfectly Pretty range, click here