Create stunning enhancements at speed with SNA Quick Tips

By Helena Biggs | 19 July 2020 | News, Products & Treatments

Sna Quick Tips

Are you struggling to squeeze all your enhancement services into the day? SNA Professional has launched Quick Tips, full cover soft gel nail extensions that help you create stunning designs in a viable time.

Available in 13 styles, the full cover tips are pre shaped and structured for ease and longevity, so you can focus artistry and colour application.  Using a soft gel to adhere the full cover tip to the natural nail allows for ease of removal.

Quick Tips are available in the following shapes and lengths:

  • Almond Long
  • Coffin (Medium & Long)
  • Oval (Medium & Long)
  • Round (Short Petite, Short & Long)
  • Stiletto (Short, Long & Extra Long)
  • Square Short
  • Tapered Square Long

Purchase here in boxes of 100 or 500 pcs, and restock with the handy 50pcs refill packs.

To apply, you will need:

  • Primer (e.g. Astonishing Nails Acid Free Primer)
  • Bonder (e.g. Astonishing Nails Air Dry Bonder)
    Soak off Gel – (e.g. Astonishing Nails Stretch Base / 1 Step Builder Gel
    Mini LED light
  • Acetone
  • 180 grit / 150 grit file (Astonishing Nails Jumbo File)
  • 100 grit file (Astonishing Nails file)
  • Full cover tips

For a comprehensive application and removal guide, click here.

To perfect application, consider the Online Full Cover Gel Extensions Class from Staffordshire Nail Academy. Hosted via Zoom, the course covers full cover tip application for brands including Quick Tips, Gelly Tips, Flexi Tips, and Apres Gel-X.

“This course will give you the knowledge and ability to service your clients with confidence, professionalism and speed,” comments award-winning educator, Hannah Garbett. “Fully accredited, the course is for techs training in a minimum of gel polish and offers a free kit to UK based techs, as well as downloadable material, marketing and safe product removal advice.

“Also offered is a free refresher class after lockdown.”

To learn more about the Online Full Cover Gel Extensions Class, click here.