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Cuccio launches ‘Earn From Home’ initiative for nail & beauty pros

By Scratch Staff | 03 April 2020 | News, Products & Treatments

Cuccio Earn From Home

Cuccio has responded to the impact of coronavirus on the income of nail and beauty professionals by launching the ‘Earn From Home’ initiative.

The hand, foot and body care brand has put together 18 handy kits that professionals can purchase and retail to their clients to help them maintain the wellbeing of hands, feet, nails and body until they can resume professional services.

“Each kit comes in a lovely Cuccio hessian bag with a list of contents inside and a step-by-step usage guide so that customers know what each product does and how to use it,” comments a spokesperson for the brand.

Kits including the Soak Off Retail Kit, and Hard Working Hands Kit, and each features the value of the products inside each kit and the suggested retail price.

What’s more, Cuccio is offering a 40% discount on the kits to its trade customers.

The team at Cuccio explains: “All that is needed is a few hours each day, a vehicle to deliver the products (or you can use a delivery service), a means for your clients to pay you and we will provide everything else.

“Here are the steps to follow to be successful with this programme:

  1. Place your order for kits with Cuccio (online or by email).
  2. Work out your delivery radius and the charges for deliveries outside of this radius. We recommend no charge within three miles and £1 per mile thereafter.
  3. Set up a PayPal or similar account if you don’t already have one.
  4. Advertise the service using imagery provided by Cuccio following your order.
  5. Place a post on your social media platforms, email and SMS platforms (if you have these). If not, Mailchimp is a great way to mass communicate to your customers. We suggest you use ‘Cuccio Home Service Delivery’ as your slogan when communicating this concept to your customers.
  6. Receive delivery of kits from Cuccio.
  7. Receive orders from clients.
  8. Contact each client to tell them their delivery day and time and ask how they wish to be notified that you have left their parcel on the doorstep. Drop the parcel, notify the customer you have done this and if possible, give them a friendly wave from the car.
  9. Continue receiving orders from clients, order the kits from us and continue the service.”

Email with any questions.

View the Earn From Home kits here.