Mask imperfections with Cuccio Nudecrylics

By Sophie Nutt | 18 May 2018 | News, Products & Treatments

Cuccio Nudecrylics

Designed to mask nail imperfections, Cuccio has revealed its new range of Nudecrylics cover powders.

The powders aim to give nail techs the power to transform regular nails into flawless enhancements in minutes, giving the illusion of sleek and slender nails.

Great for nail biters and elongating nail beds, the powders are available in three shades to suit each individual skin tone: Doll Tan for cool tones; Sun Kissed for neutral tones; and Copper Tan for warm tones.

Nudecrylics are compatible with Cuccio Pro Revolution Monomer for a slow to medium set and the Ultra Clear Monomer for a fast set.

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