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Cure at speed with the Light Elegance LEDdot

By Scratch Staff | 27 October 2018 | News, Products & Treatments

Light Elegance Leddot On Table

Light Elegance UK has unveiled the LEDdot, a cute, handy powerhouse that’s smaller than the LEDPlus+ with exceptional cure for Light Elegance UK products.

It features a 100% reflective interior with removable base place that’s ideal for pedi curing, and has powerful 36W output. What’s more, the 120-second setting has low power output for hard gels to reduce the exothermic reaction.

The dual wavelength emittance utilises 54 LED emitters for even curing, and the LEDdot has an auto ‘on’ hand sensor for speed.

Check out a video of the LEDdot below.

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