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Dancing On Ice: Nail Designs – Week 7

By Guest Writer | 21 February 2020 | Events, News

Dancing On Ice Nails

Hey Scratch readers!

So this week was prop week. It’s always one of my favourite weeks of the old series of Dancing On Ice and now it’s back – it’s also a great opportunity for the cast’s nails to be shown off!

This week we created some really colourful designs from asymmetric pastels to sunset ombré, cobalt blue chrome and pretty pink. Here is an outline of how I created some of my favourite looks this week…

Alex Murphy (professional skater):
This prop was a candy cane so the candy theme was an obvious choice and I loved it. I actually created a candy cane theme on Alex’s nails last year so wanted to go for something different this year, and therefore chose to go along with the red and pink theme of the costume and, with it being Valentine’s week, I felt hearts were appropriate.

My base colour was The Gel Bottle Inc in Marilyn. I applied this over the entire nail in two thin coats, curing in between for 60 seconds. I then used a super fine detail brush from The Gel Bottle Inc and applied a large heart covering one corner of the nail. You need to make this big enough for a smaller heart to go in the middle of it. For this I used a bright pink hue in the form of Miami from The Gel Bottle Inc. I have to say this wasn’t the easiest to create – like most weeks you have to go with the flow when backstage, the timetables change constantly and I ended up creating this look while Alex was having her hair done! It wasn’t the easiest but in these scenarios you just have to manage. The next shade was The Gel Bottle Inc in Diva. Once applied I felt we needed more in the design to match the OTT costume, which was amazing. Therefore, I outlined the pink heart in The Gel Bottle Inc in Hollywood Star and added a few red Swarovski crystals to bring the bling!

Carlotta Edwards (professional skater):
I absolutely loved Carlotta’s costume this week – it was yellow gingham with a lilac trim. It sounds so random but it really worked! I used all of these shades and, of course, a hint of bling to create the nail design. I applied one coat of The Gel Bottle Inc in Fizz all over the nail and cured for 60 seconds. I then drew a diagonal line from the bottom left corner to the right corner and filled in with Californian. Before curing, I used a clean gel brush to wipe away half of the triangle in the opposite diagonal direction, leaving a small triangle on one side of the nail. Using Pastel V110, I then applied the colour from the bottom right to top left and filled it in. The reason I cut away half of the purple triangle is to ensure the purple isn’t seen under the pastel, but also to ensure the build up of colours doesn’t get too thick as it can make it look messy. I finished with a layer of Clear BIAB to level the design out and topped with the Extreme Shine Top Coat.

Here is a product list of what I used to create the remaining looks this week:

  • Vanessa Bauer: Clear Rubber Base, GelPot, gel polish shade in Bolt, detailed with World Of Glitter Neptune Blue Chrome Dust, Extreme Shine Top Coat
  • Libby Clegg: Clear Rubber Base, GelPot, gel polish shade in Rose Gold, Extreme Shine Top Coat
  • Brianne Delcourt: Clear Rubber Base, gel polish shade in Brittany, detailed with bling, Extreme Shine Top Coat
  • Lisa George: Clear Rubber Base, GelPot, gel polish shade in Tiger ombréd into a custom made shade of Tiger and Pastel V110, World Of Glitter in Aspen, Extreme Shine Top Coat

I have been getting so many requests to create some step-by-steps for the looks I have created over the past few weeks, so will make sure I do this soon. Give me a follow on Instagram at @nails_by_mads so you don’t miss out!

Lots of love xx