DOUG SCHOON discusses new book

By Helena Biggs | 23 February 2017 | Expert Advice, Feature, News, Products & Treatments

Dough Schoon Book

Renowned scientist and nail expert, Doug Schoon, has been speaking about the release of his latest book, Face-to-Face with Doug Schoon Vol 1.

In a recent interview with Scratch, Doug revealed that volumes 1 & 2, which is due for release in March, have been printed in a Q&A format, as he answers questions from nail techs from across the world. While Volume 1 covers artificial nail coatings and services, Volume 2 will discuss the natural nail and related services.

“Nail techs have lots of questions, but most of what’s found on the internet is misinformation, so it is difficult for techs to know what to believe,” he revealed. “My book separates the facts from the myths by providing easy-to-understand explanations, expert opinions and wise advice that will help nail professionals save time, money and to impress clients with their knowledge.”

During the interview, Doug also reveals his most concerning thoughts on the nail industry, what he finds most challenging about his role and his hopes for the future of the industry.

Head to page 44 in the February issue to check out the full interview.