Strength and shine with DuoGel 2in1 range

By Sophie Nutt | 01 February 2018 | News, Products & Treatments

Duo Gel

Add strength and shine to nails with the brush-on DuoGel range, featuring a Base Coat, Top Gloss and Builder Gel.

Combining features from acrylic and gel systems in its formula, DuoGel is self-levelling and east to apply and infill, curing in 60 seconds under LED light.

DuoGel is a flexible and strong overlay that can act as a natural nail coating for strength and protection, a stronger base for week nails and under gel polish or be used for tips or sculpting to extend.

It is self-levelling when moved around the nail, minimising the need for finish filing and minimal buffing of natural nail is needed prior to application.

The range is available in 8ml and 15ml bottles from