Embrace cool tones this winter with ASP’s Highlight range

By Helena Biggs | 18 December 2018 | News, Products & Treatments

Asp Highlights

ASP has unveiled The Highlight collection; four cool, on-trend hues that are perfect for the current season.

Available in gel polish for up to three weeks’ wear, the shades include:

  • Natura – a creamy nude-pink
  • Spectra – a stunning rose gold sparkle
  • Viva – a creamy grey
  • Fantasia – a lilacy shimmer

ASP Signature gel polish is formulated to prevent chips and smudges and is easy to apply, with no thickening or yellowing.

How to apply:

  1. Perform prep and apply a coat of Signature Nail Prep to the nail to dehydrate the nail plate and remove.
  2. Apply Signature Bonder to the free edge of the nail only (apply to the whole nail if customer is prone to lifting).
  3. Apply a nail thin coat of Signature Base Coat to the nail, cure for 30 seconds (LED) or 2 minutes (UV).
  4. Apply a thin coat of ASP Signature Colour (cure again), apply another thin coat of Colour and cure.
  5. Apply a coat of ASP Signature Top Coat and cure for a long lasting shine.
  6. Finish by using ASP Signature Conditioning Finishing Wipe to remove tackiness.

The range is available via www.salon-services.com