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Enhance beauty treatments with self-heating Cowrie Lava Shell

By Scratch Staff | 03 March 2019 | News, Products & Treatments

Lava Shells Cowrie

Shared Beauty Secrets has launched a self-heating/self-cooling massage tool; an ideal addition to facial treatments, massages, manis & pedis.

The Cowrie Lava Shell utilises the technology of the award-winning Lava Shells treatments to allow therapists to introduce a luxurious, chargeable extra easily and efficiently.

Available to UK spas and salons from April 2019, the Cowrie Lava Shell is smooth and non-porous thus easy to clean.  Its shape, size and thickness make it versatile and a perfect massage enhancement tool. Simply add a sachet of Facial Blend, Trigger Point Blend or Glacial Chill Blend to activate the shell, which will maintain its temperature for up to 30 minutes.

The Facial Blend – This features a mild, consistent heat; ideal for facials, and encourages product absorption leaving the skin silky smooth, radiant and hydrated.

The Trigger Point Blend – Ideal for trigger point release, spot therapy, manicures and pedicures. Using this blend and with little effort, the therapist can quickly and effectively break up tension and stress spots in a body massage. Manicures and pedicures become a luxurious treat with a Touch Of Lava.

The Glacial Chill Blend – This cools skin and rejuvenates; perfect for a facial treatment or body massage. This unique self-cooling technology works without having to freeze the shells. Simply add tap water to activate and place on ice for extra chill.

Shared Beauty Secrets clients who have completed Lava Shells training can purchase and use the Shells and Charges with no further training necessary.

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