Enhance nail skills with free seminars from IKON.IQ Nails UK educators

By Helena Biggs | 30 May 2020 | Events, News

Ikoniq Educators

The UK education team at Ikon.iq has created an online education schedule to deliver to techs during lockdown. Designed to inspire, motivate and excite nail techs during this uncertain time, this series of courses is about building each other up while enhancing skills.

Rachel Lunn

“On a personal level as an educator and salon owner, I’ve experienced many mixed emotions recently, everything including tears and tantrums, but I’m safe and healthy,” reveals Rachel Lunn, Ikoniq educator for the north east & Scratch Stars Educator of the Year 2019. “The future is worrying and I need to come back new, improved and fighting fit, but most of all prepared.

“The classes that the Ikon.iq team has been serving up leave us all feeling both elated and humbled, as we believe wholeheartedly in giving something back, even if it’s just raising a few spirits. I’m pleased to say that the fabulous feedback we’ve received not only reminds us of why we do this job and helps brings back any mojo we may be losing at any given time, but also shows us we are making a difference.”

A relatively new nail brand and education team, the Ikon.iq educators came together towards the end of 2019 under the poetic and artistic eye of its founder, Iryna Giblett.

“Iryna has some amazing award-winning techs on the team, and so we need and feel proud to share,” highlights Rachel.

“In the schedule for May June we have everything covered from beginners to advanced, from simple quick nail art – to build up any tech’s skill and confidence – to advanced competition, structures, photography and even male manicures. We have also made sure every Monday course affords a certificate.

“We need to keep going and focus on the future, and we all realise that means motivating our industry peers, customers and students, as well as ourselves. In a few weeks of running these new online courses we’ve seen a massive improvement in people’s work and it’s so inspiring, especially as some techs have just started out.”

All webinars offered are free on the Ikon.iq Nails UK Instagram page.