Exercise precision in lash services with Dumont Curved Long Tip Tweezer 7SP

By Sophie Nutt | 05 October 2018 | News, Products & Treatments

Eyelash Emporium 7sp Tweezers Small

Made in Switzerland from high quality steel, the ergonomical Dumont Curved Long Tip Tweezer 7SP from the Eyelash Emporium is lightweight with a precision tip, making it ideal to use when creating fluffy lash extension fans and carrying out volume treatments.

Dumont tweezers are primarily design for medical work where the precision tip offers superior grab for the finest of materials such as needles and fine hairs: in turn, making them ideal for eyelash extensions.

These tweezers are recommended by the Eyelash Emporium for lash artists who have honed their craft over time and operate their tweezers with a light touch.

Shop the tweezers via www.eyelashemporium.com