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Extend & enhance nails with Halo’s PoliBuild system

By Scratch Staff | 03 April 2020 | News, Products & Treatments

Halo Polybuild

Pure Nails has launched the Halo PoliBuild system; a nail enhancement range that offers the strength of L&P acrylic but with the flexibility of gel.

It features Precision Gel in six natural-looking shades and Liquid Control, which, when used together, can create a natural nail overlay or used to elongate nails sing the tip & overlay or sculpt methods.

PoliBuild is great for creating French and baby boomer designs,”comments Tina Bell, head of education at Pure Nails. “PoliBuild is easy to use and as the product needs to be cured, it means that there is no time limit on it setting, so you can push it around the nail until you are happy with the structure and application.

“The system is ideal for techs that struggle with or don’t offer L&P application, and want to offer greater strength than can be achieved with gel.”

The PoliBuild system has little to no odour, and Liquid Control boasts a watermelon scent. PoliBuild offers the creative options that can be achieved with L&P acrylic, without the worry of incorrect ratios or setting times.

PoliBuild can be used with both the Halo Acrylic and EasiBuild systems and Halo gel polishes and is a soak-off system, so removal is straightforward.


  • First, apply the Halo Gel Polish Rubber Base Coat to nails and cure.
  • Apply your chosen PoliBuild shade and dampen the Dual Tool Brush with Liquid Control, using it to move the product until you are happy with the application.
  • Cure, apply more product if necessary to obtain the desired shape and structure, or a different shade for a French ombré look.

Tina’s Top Tip: Ensure that you build a proper apex for strength. Pressing too heavily on the sides of the nail can thin out the stress area and lead to cracking. For good adhesion, work with PoliBuild using a medium pressure and pat and push technique.

Training: A PoliBuild training course for beginners, as well as conversion and advanced skills courses, are available to book via

Halo PoliBuild is available via