Extract fumes and dust easily with BenchVent’s nail desk

By Helena Biggs | 07 January 2018 | News, Products & Treatments


Protect yourself – and your clients – from the inhalation of filing dust and product vapours with a helping hand from BenchVent.

The brand reveals its stylish nail desk with fume extraction and dust filtration, and what’s more its ventilation motor is made by the same company that makes cooling motors for Formula One cars.

The desk has a lifetime guarantee for its motor, which is efficient but quiet, and it removes up to 99% of fumes and dust via two-level filtration. Its fan motor sucks air and passes it through the first filter, a particulate filter that traps the fine dust. The air then moves through the second filter, a carbon filter, which adsorbs the fumes.

It complies with health and safety standards and is easy to install and use, and available in black and white.

What’s more, Scratch readers can get 10% off the nail desk – and tanning booths – with code SCRATCH10.

Head to www.benchvent.com for more information.