GERmanikure team aids natural nail care for models at NYFW

By Helena Biggs | 25 September 2019 | Events, News

Germanikure Nyfw

Within the frenzy of global Fashion Weeks, models often see multiple nail looks across a short space of time; with tips pressed and product removed and re-applied per show.

It was important for the GERmanikure team to recognise the need for manicures to ensure that such models maintained good nail conditions for the Fashion Week stint. Led by brand ambassador, Naomi Gonzalez-Longstaff, the team tended to nails for the al and multiple Marchesa shows and while the finished nail looks for both design houses were simple, single nail shades, they shaped, filed and tended to battered and dry cuticles using tools for the GERmanikure range.

“We understand that models typically work multiple shows during Fashion Week and may have their polish changed at each one they are involved in,” Naomi comments. “We wanted to ensure that their nails were primed and prepped from the start.”

The team used the GERmanikure Finox Ergonomic Nail Clipper and Sungienic nail file to shape the nails to a short, soft almond nail shape. The Glass Manicure Stick was used to removed dead skin and calluses and Finox Ergonomic Coil Spring Cuticle Nipper for hang nails.

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