GET FESTIVE with the Cuccio Christmas Cracker collection

By Sophie Nutt | 30 November 2017 | Launches, News

Cuccio has released it’s Christmas Cracker collection, featuring popular shades from its core collection and new sparkling shades perfect for the party season.

The veneer and lacquer package includes eight festive shades in both veneer and matching lacquer, seeing 16 shades overall.

Ranging from a pearlescent gold to a ruby red hue, the collection sees the shades Grey’s Anatomy, Gala, Manhattan Mayhem, Chakra, Hong Kong Harbour, Russian Opulence, Red Lights in Amsterdam and A Pisa My Heart.

The veneer and lacquer package also includes a set of tip spoons, a white collection display and a Christmas Cracker head card, meaning you can make the most of your retail offerings as well as offering festive manicures.

Cuccio’s Christmas Cracker collection is available at