Chloe Randall

Glitterbels introduces scented cuticle oils to nail product portfolio

By Chloe Randall | 05 October 2023 | News, Products & Treatments

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Glitterbels has announced two different scents of cuticle oil, in the scents pineapple and almond.

With an improved formula, this oil helps to promote healthy and nourished nails, as well as growth.

By recommending to clients to use this twice daily, applying the cuticle oil will help with acrylic, builder-bel gel and gel polish retention.

To match the stunning Glitterbels branding, the cuticle oils are available in a pink bottle with a pipette applicator, for easy use and to help avoid cross contamination.

If you are looking to retail the cuticle oils to clients, you can purchase an 18 piece pack of 5ml cuticle oils in each scent, known as the stockist pack.

Shop the Glitterbels Cuticle Oils here.