Global Team CND™ welcomes UK tech to elite team

By Helena Biggs | 14 June 2018 | Movers & Shakers, News

Samantha Birkett Leigh

CND™ UK and Sweet Squared education ambassador, Samantha Birkett-Leigh, has been selected as the newest member of Global Team CND™.

Representing the brand at the highest level, the team comprises an esteemed group of education ambassadors (EAs) curated from the brand’s talented pool of techs across the globe. After submitting bids and undergoing evaluation across categories including nail skills, fashion creativity and presentation style, the most elite candidates are selected to set the precedent for CND™’s ambassadors worldwide.

Samantha’s accolades to date include scooping the Scratch Star Award for L&P Tech of the Year in 2016, and achieving Best Academics and Best Overall at CND™ Boot Camp. She has also achieved 10 first place wins at national nail competitions.

“When I attended Boot Camp in 2006, I didn’t dare to imagine I would ever reach this position,” Samantha comments. “I remember my very first CND™ class like it was yesterday. I can only hope that I will inspire others as much as I was inspired all those years ago. It’s a dream come true!”

Congratulating Samantha on her position, Samantha Sweet, co-founder of Sweet Squared, comments: “Samantha is a dream to work with and I am so happy that her skills, knowledge, dedication and fantastic reputation have earned her a well-deserved place amongst the elite Team Global CND™.

“Samantha’s students can’t praise her enough and she has worked hard to grow a presence on social media, inspiring nail pros the world over! The entire team at S2 wishes her so much Love & Respect, and continued success with this exciting opportunity!”