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Hair & Beauty Charity awarded charitable status in Scotland

By Rebecca Hitchon | 08 November 2021 | Movers & Shakers, News

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The Hair & Beauty Charity, which offers financial assistance to hairdressers, barbers and beauty professionals affected by illness, disability, bereavement, homelessness, domestic violence and financial hardship, has announced that it has received registered charitable status in Scotland.

The charity’s beneficiaries, of whom 10% currently live in Scotland, are supported with regular payments or one-off grants.

The Hair & Beauty Charity has been a registered charity in England and Wales since 2017, however Samantha Grocutt, Hair & Beauty Charity president, reveals why it was also critical to achieve charitable status in Scotland:

Samantha Grocutt

“The charity started the application process after listening to feedback from our Scottish supporters who felt it was important for the Hair & Beauty Charity to also be registered in Scotland.  Our trustees of the charity take their governance extremely seriously and welcome the new level of compliance within Scottish legal structure and charity law.”

As the charity has passed the Office of the Scottish Charity Regulator (OSCR) test, the Scottish Charity Regulator will now regulate the Hair & Beauty Charity to ensure that it does what is best for the charity, follows its governing document, acts with care and diligence and meets the charity’s legal responsible.

Did you know…? If you purchase from the Scratch magazine store, there is an option to donate £1 to the Hair & Beauty Charity.