Huddersfield spa launches first personalised treatment room

By Helena Biggs | 15 April 2018 | Launches, News

Luxury eco-spa, Titanic Spa, has launched a personalised treatment room where the guest experience is truly at its heart.

Responding to the trend of ‘hyperpersonalisation’ in the spa sector, where guests are seeking a more experience-based service, the treatment room allows the client greater control over the likes of room temperature, lighting level and the height of the treatment bed.

If guests would like to cosy up in a heated cocoon, the option of a heated treatment bed is available,” comments a spokesperson for Titanic Spa. “Guests are also able to control the volume and type of music played during their treatment.

“Depending on their mood, guests can choose from a range of tracks varying from deeply relaxing Crystal Bowl sounds and mindfulness tracks that are inspired by nature’s sounds to sounds from their favourite artists.”

Guests can also discreetly let their therapist know if they would like to be left in silence or prefer to be talked to throughout the treatment, and they can also choose from a variety of aromatherapy scents.