Hypoallergenic nail products launched to help reduce risk of allergy

By Helena Biggs | 21 January 2019 | News, Products & Treatments

Polytek Acrylgel Cmyk 2000x2000px

Swedish nail brand, Ikon.IQ Nails, has unveiled a range of hypoallergenic nail products to reduce the risk of allergic reactions through nail services.

According to the British Association of Dermatologists, the three main nail products ingredients that cause skin contact allergies are HEMA, HPMA and Ethyl Acrylate, so the IKON.IQ Nails range of gels has been formulated without these ingredients.

Products include:

  • PRIMA Gel Polish
  • Ovation Polymer Sculpting Gel
  • Evolution Soak-Off Sculpting Gel
  • Ultimate 3-Phase Sculpting Gel
  • Hypnos Soak-Off Colour Gel
  • One 1-Phase Sculpting Gel
  • Opium 3-Phase Sculpting Gel
  • Polytek Polymer Sculpting Gel
  • Inspire Liner Painting Gel

Bob Giblett, co-founder of Iryna Giblett AB, the company behind Ikon.IQ Nails, comments: “Skin allergies from nail products occur due to prolonged and repetitive skin contact by uncured or under-cured products containing acrylates, or uncured or under-cured dust, an incorrect L&P mix ratio or by using the incorrect UV lamp with gels and gel polishes.”

Bob, an engineer and allergy expert, worked with his multi-award winning wife, and former microbiologist, Iryna Giblett, to create the professional-use Ikon.IQ Nails range. “Finding a chemist who had the required knowledge took months of searching,” Bob continues. “In 2010, we launched our first hypoallergenic product, the Ikon.IQ Ultimate Gels. Since then, we have continued to introduce new products.

“Some products can’t be produced as hypoallergenic, such as acrylic liquid & powder. Ikon.IQ products have been formulated without the three main nail product ingredients that can cause skin contact allergies – but there are many other acrylates that are known to cause allergies.

“We have also avoided these – which makes developing new nail products more complex – but we have done so without compromising on exceptional performance.”

Ikon.IQ Nails products are available via www.ikoniqnails.com

Bib and Iryna have launched the Say No To Allergies booklet; a brand and product neutral source of advice in an easy-to read, fact-based booklet. Read it here.