IBD Nails UK unveils edgy rebrand

By Helena Biggs | 30 October 2018 | Movers & Shakers, News

Dsc 2264

IBD Nails has introduced a ‘boss’ new look to excite its users and their clients and a new hashtag – #GetNailed.

“We are bold, unorthodox and break the boundaries of what it expected,” comments a spokesperson for the brand.

Edgy and appearing to appeal to a fashion-forward, young clientele, a series of images have been released by IBD which will be used in marketing materials and are featured across the website of its UK distributor, Graftons.

The Scratch team was excitedly informed of the rebrand via a padlocked box which was delivered to the office, with separate key.

On opening, there appeared a mockup of a Scratch cover featuring one of the new images and a selection of autumnal shades in both long-wear lacquer and IBD JustGel. A note included the sign-off ‘We’re Here To Slay’.

In addition, the box contained IBD’s new Control Gel, a pro-hybrid gel that combines qualities of hard gel and L&P acrylic in a premixed tube.

This LED/UV formula is designed for overlays and extensions, with faster application as it stays in place, moves when you need it and has slight self-levelling properties.

For more information about IBD products, visit www.ibdnails.co.uk