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imix: Your questions answered!

By Scratch Staff | 19 March 2021 | Movers & Shakers, News

Imix Action 1200

The innovative imix device for effortlessly mixing nail lacquers and gel polishes launched on 1 March to widespread acclaim across the nail sector.

The handy hands-free mixing device alleviates the stress on the wrists through regular shaking and supports perfect colour application. It uses magnetic mixing technology to improve the consistency of polish – while you can enjoy chatting to your client and prepping their nails for a fabulous colour finish.

imix allows you to wave goodbye to shaking, separation & thickening

A true talking point, the imix is slick in appearance and simple to use. Plug in, drop one of the miXers into any bottle of gel polish or lacquer and pop the bottle on the launch pad. Press the button and the imix will use magnetic technology to blend the product for a streak-free finish. And it’s compact and quiet.

Q: Will imix work with my polish bottles?

Yes! imix works with gel polish and nail polish bottles of all shapes and sizes.

Q: How do the magnetic miXers work?

Once placed into the bottle, the magnetic miXers use magnetic mixing technology to ‘stir’ the formula and produce consitent colour results.
The magnet in the miXer is zinc coated and protected by the shell, which is made of acetal plastic. Acetal plastic is unaffected by acetone and solvents that might be found in nail polish. Each miXer can be cleaned with acetone and reused in another bottle.

Q: How do I get the miXer into the bottle?

Simply take off the lid/brush and drop a miXer into the bottle. Replace the brush and place the bottle on the imix launch pad. Watch as the magnetic mixing technology produces consistent, true colour.

Q: How are the miXers removed from the bottle for cleaning and to reuse?

A miXtractor is included with purchase of the imix. It attracts the miXers magnetically – just hold it close to the bottle to attract or pop it into the bottle, and pull up and out of the bottle to remove. Clean the miXtractor and miXers using acetone. Watch this video courtesy of Metta Francis of Nails By Mets to take a peek:

Q: What happens if the ball bearings come out with the miXer?

This is completely normal due to the magnetism. Simply remove the ball bearings from the miXtractor and place them back in the bottle.

Q: Can I leave the miXer in the bottle?

Absolutely! If you use that bottle regularly, leave the miXer in the bottle for ease, until the bottle is empty. Once empty, use the miXtractor to remove as above.

Q: How long does the imix take to mix?

The default mixing time is five minutes, but you can set the imix timer to run for a shorter or longer mix.

Q: Is imix hands-free?

Yes. Once you have positioned your bottle on the imix launch pad, press the on/off button and allow hands-free colour mixing to do its magic.

Q: What size is the imix?

imix is 6cm x 6cm; slick and compact with a lighting display can be programmed to reflect your favourite shade while it works; a jazzy addition to your nail desk.

Q: Do I need to shake old polishes before imix?

Bottles that have been sat for too long may fully separate. It is recommended that, before using imix, you ‘wake’ the polish with a quick shake.

Q: Does imix work with gel pots?

It does, however hard gel colours are a much thicker consistency/viscosity than gel polish or nail polish formulas, so need a longer mixing time. If the pot fits on the imix launchpad and you place a miXer in it – it will mix.

Q: Can I buy additional miXers?

Yes. The imix comes with 10 miXers and a miXtractor, but you can buy additional miXers in packs of 20 or 50.

Q: How can I purchase an imix?

imix is currently available to professionals via but will be launching to non-professionals later in 2021.

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