Indigo Nails Lab storms UK market with products & training

By Helena Biggs | 01 June 2020 | Movers & Shakers, News

Indigo Launch Lead

Polish nail brand, Indigo Nails Lab, has upped its presence in the UK sector with a transformed website, education programme and speedy turnaround on product delivery.

Famed for training technicians to achieve incredible success on the competition circuit (with around 2000 medals to date), the brand offers products to ‘ease the work of the nail stylist and support their development’. It makes its presence known via the front cover of Scratch‘s June issue, with an image showcasing exceptional nail skills, styling and photography – owing to the mission of the brand founders for perfection.

Founded by Magdalena (‘Magda’) and Dariusz (‘Derek’) Malaczyńskich nine years ago, Indigo Nails Lab products are available in 40 countries – most recently the UK – and around 700 distributors and educators represent Indigo and its ethos across the globe.

“Our mission has been to increase awareness of safe nail styling and introduce top quality products to the nail market,” reveals Magda. “Nail professionals know how important it is to use the best materials to suit the needs of their client. Indigo Nails Lab can offer something for everyone.”

The product portfolio is largely focused on gel and gel polish products, with a variety of gel formulas, base and top coats to suit all nail types and desired finishes. Over 300 gel polish shades feature, which can be finished with Indigo’s art offerings; foils, effects products crystals and more. A comprehensive array of tools and accessories, as well as lacquer and Indigo Home Spa products, completes the range.

There has been a lot of interest in Indigo products and courses from the UK in recent years,” Magda continues. “The UK nail sector is very diverse and open to self-expression. We find it exciting.

“The interest from the UK has given us a sense of endless possibility for development and we are excited to launch products that will fulfil the needs of these new customers.”

Indigo hopes that by sharing its knowledge and offerings with the UK market, it will enhance safe nail styling practice and offer ways for nail stylists to develop their skills and expand their businesses. “Although we are a Polish brand, we hope that nail techs in the UK will love our products for their high quality and endless creative opportunities.

“As a manufacturer and training provider, we don’t just keep up with challenges; we create changes, products and services in the interest of nail stylists and their work. We are sure that we can gain the trust of UK techs through our plentiful stock and fast order processing, and ability to meet expectations at the highest level.”

Education & Training

Since launching in 2011, exceptional education has been at the heart of the Indigo Nails Lab ethos. “Indigo focuses on education and raising the standard of services provided in nail salons. That is why Indigo educators develop and implement courses and workshops for both experienced and beginner nail stylists,” Magda reveals.

“Indigo also puts a strong emphasis on hygiene and safety and we believe that our brand profile is inextricably linked to the quality of education we offer.”

The brand’s education offering features a wide range of courses created by Indigo educators, who each add something original and unique to their training. Courses cover all skill levels of tech, from beginner to advanced.

“In this business, you are as good and as renowned as your trainers, and the success of our educators translates to the company’s success. That’s why we’ve always supported our techs and encouraged them to enter competitions such as Nailympia.”

There are four educators across the UK:

  • Dominika Satro – Manchester
  • Justyna Maris – London
  • Magdalena Sawica – Manchester
  • Sara Tomczyk – Northern Ireland

Indigo Nails Lab has launched a UK website at which products are available for purchase.

Discover more about Indigo Nails Lab, its products and training in the June 2020 issue of Scratch magazine.