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Inside look: The Glitterbels Premier Nail Educator event

By Rebecca Hitchon | 30 April 2022 | Events, News

Glitterbels Educator Event

Between 23 and 25 April 2022, the Glitterbels nail brand ran the Premier Educator Event at its training HQ in Newcastle-under-Lyme, Staffordshire, giving eight of its educators the chance to enhance their nail knowledge, teaching and practical skills.

The event was organised by Glitterbels head of education, Charli Jepson, and deputy head of education, Jennie Nippard, who have both scooped Scratch Stars Educator of the Year accolades. The event also featured some renowned nail names who joined to put the educators through their paces.

Charli Jepson

“The decision to run the event came about because we wanted to push our educators out of their comfort zones. After being unable to run an educator event for some time due to the pandemic, it was great to see them push themselves in terms of creativity and knowledge,” comments Charli.

Day one was hosted by Charli and Jennie and saw the Glitterbels educators thrown into the deep end with a theory exam, before being set a practical group task, which aimed to the push the limits of their creative skills by encouraging them to create a nail design using as many Glitterbels products as possible.

Following this, the educators had to present their nail looks to their peers, explaining the inspiration behind their creations. The day concluded with standardisation activities focusing on lesson plans and a recap on the company ethos, before Glitterbels founders, Annabel and Elliott Maginnis, joined the educators for a meal at a local restaurant.

Day two and three saw two special guests enter into the training room. First was multi award-winning nail tech, Andreea Simona Ignat, who was invited to enhance the educators’ technical skills by delivering a class on advanced sculpting. From this, the educators created a Russian almond with a marble tip and a crystal edge, developing skills which they were excited to transfer into their work and education.

The next day saw Marian Newman BEM lead her class, Train the Trainer, an intensive day of science knowledge, presentation and teaching skills training.

“Bringing in Andrea and Marian was not only used to inspire the educators, but also to enhance their practical and knowledge skills,” says Charli. “Being away from your family and home is no easy feat, without adding the pressure of your peers, management and Andrea and Marian assessing your skills, so we are fiercely proud of the all of the educators who embraced every second.”

All eight educators passed the exams over the course of the weekend and felt that their skills and knowledge had been significantly improved, Charli reveals to Scratch. But her favourite part about the event? The friendships made.

“This was emotional for Jennie and myself due to the fact that we had met in similar circumstances almost 10 years ago and our friendship is one that has flourished over the years. We cannot put a value on the importance of working together and evolving the Glitterbels’ education team into one that not only works hard and brings the best education to students, but also has the upmost respect for peers and the brand,” Charli concludes.

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