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Keep Staff Uniforms Virus Free & Fresh

By Alex Fox | 12 December 2020 | News

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Businesses up and down the country have been considering measures they can put in place to help serve their customers safely. For industries such as fashion, hair and beauty, which depend on a certain level of customer, this has been a significant challenge.Fortunately, solutions are available that can provide employees and customers alike, with that extra level of reassurance, such as the Samsung AirDresser.

At the Leo Bancroft salon in Weybridge Surrey

The Samsung AirDresser is a unique innovation that keeps clothes refreshed and removes lingering odours and hidden germs. It offers 99.9% sanitisation with the sanitise cycle and gently cares for clothing.

For hair stylist Leo Bancroft, the challenges are slightly different. He explains, “As a hairdresser, a certain amount of customer contact is inevitable, but we have been taking every precaution possible to ensure the comfort and safety of everyone in the salon. This has included wearing PPE, as well as sanitising all gowns and staff aprons in the Samsung AirDresser after each use.”

As recommended by Vogue Magazine, an award-winning boutique salon based in Weybridge, Surrey, renowned for its expert hair cutters and colourists. It offers a private & luxurious boutique experience with an emphasis on efficiency, professionalism and friendliness. All clients, be they high profile personalities or newcomers to the salon, are treated with the utmost care & respect from the minute they step through the door to the moment they leave with beautiful hair that’s nourished, nurtured & confidence-enhancing.

Expanding on how the salon has been using the AirDresser and the positive implications for business, Leo relays, “The Samsung AirDresser has been a great addition to the salon and the benefits are numerous. Not only does it have tangible advantages in that it sanitises the items reducing the chances of germs being spread, but it also gives people that extra level of mental reassurance. Customers feel more confident booking an appointment if they know that there are precautions like the AirDresser in place. It means they can relax and enjoy the experience more, which results in return custom. At the same time it also gives staff a level of comfort, knowing that the chances of germs being transferred are minimal.”


Dan Harvie, VP – head of domestic appliances UK & Ireland at Samsung comments, “The Samsung AirDresser is an innovative solution for businesses to help them remove hidden germs from garments, keeping staff and customers safe. The appliance works by using innovative technology to loosen and remove dust, sanitise, and delicately dry clothing at a low temperature, also reducing the worry of shrinkage or heat damage.”

The Samsung Airdresser slips neatly into salon & retail spaces & needs no plumbing installation

The AirDresser is simple to set up and requires no plumbing installation, meaning it can be delivered and put in to use by businesses the very same day. It’s simple to operate and highly effective at sanitizing and caring for items. Whether a fashion store, a hair salon, a beauty salon or spa, the AirDresser can provide a quick and easy solution to handling garments, coats, towels or aprons.