Kristine Toce leads male nails for Vin + Omi’s SS18 showcase

By Kat Hill | 19 September 2017 | News

Kristine Toce Vin + Omi

Kristine Toce created a striking hand and nail look for the male models of Vin + Omi’s SS18 showcase.

A clash between metallic elements and plastic, a sharp design incorporating cable ties and Minx Nail Wraps was used to convey a strong message in line with the designer duo’s politically charged show. Taking place at Andaz Liverpool Street Hotel, the collection sought to draw attention to environmental issues. Activist and legendary singer, Debbie Harry, made a surprised appearance, walking the catwalk in a lime green creation.

Kristine was approached by Vin + Omi after she shone in an industry competition, Kristine explains. “After winning Vin and Omi competition for SS17, sponsored by Sweet Squared, the design house started to follow my professional accounts on social media. This kept us in touch and a few weeks before show Vin approached me with proposal to lead male nail team. Myself and Vin kept in contact all the time during creative process and kept sending pictures to show my ideas until we agreed for the final look.

“Vin has briefed me about the show and the message they were looking to convey with the brand’s collection for SS18, as well as colours they would like to use,” Kristine continues. “A while ago, the pair started working on the campaign, Stop F***ing the Planet. The project saw the designers developed their own textiles from plastic salvaged from ocean and river clean-up projects

“There is a lot of symbolism in the look. The idea behind this was a future warrior, who grabs anything handy and start attaching to his hands and nails – ready for fight. He’s fighting for the future for all of us.

“Vin wanted to use gold or silver on male models, which lead me to think of a metallic look. I had a nail polish from Soigne, which when applied looks like true metal. I decided to use as base Minx Golden Lightning wraps and wire up Soigne-polish painted plastic pieces.

“I actually paid a visit to a builder’s store to find materials where I found the cable ties. I decided to paint clear cable ties in silver to keep the colour theme. Around 1,000 cable ties were painted in silver in the end.”

The show itself was busy, but Kristine had fellow technicians, Sarah Poulten and Anna Poulten, on hand. “Sarah and Anna came over on Sunday to help out with nail preparation before the show,” Kristine explains. “They also assisted me on the day at the show.

“On the day of the show, we applied fully covered tips and painted ties on the models. I have to admit ties was a bit of challenge. We used around 100 on each male model. To finish the look, we then applied golden or silver wires.

“We had eight male models as Vin wanted us to focus on the male models this season. The first seven models were styled at an easy pace, but last model Matt Katz-Bohen, from the band, Blondie, has arrived just fifteen minutes before show. We needed to make sure nails were on in ten minutes so all three of us together to make sure he was on time! It was a challenge, but we did it – and it felt so good.”

Kristine’s design was well received, with Vin and Omi loving the design for its strikijng look and on-theme message. “We loved the nail designs by Kristine this year,” commented Vin, of Vin + Omi. “She really got the brief and ran with it. The great thing about working with her was that she provided a range of options to the brief so we could juggle with her until we got the final design. She executed the final design with her team perfectly.”

“It felt amazing to see my creation hit the catwalk,” concludes Kristine. “It had a deeper message to the world rather than just a painted nail. There was a story behind it and a story about hope for better future for all of us.”

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