Kupa Inc announces Elaine Watson as executive VP

By Helena Biggs | 03 August 2017 | News

Esteemed nail technician, brand owner and Nailympia head judge, Elaine Watson, has been announced as executive VP of nail tool manufacturing company, Kupa Inc.

The company has also acquired Elaine’s Nailebrity brand. The move serves to help Kupa expand its presence internationally as it seeks to benefit from Elaine’s global partnership and industry expertise.

“The skills Elaine has acquired along her journey can be taught to a new generation of nail professionals,” comments Richard Hurter, president and CEO of Kupa Inc. “Her selfless dedication, expertise and infinite connections are all reasons why I wanted to create a place for her at Kupa. I have no doubt that her insight and guidance will help Kupa grow exponentially.”

As executive vice president, Elaine will focus on domestic and international sales growth. Research and development are also part of her day-to-day as she works to increase Kupa’s offerings for professionals. Drawing upon her 20+ years in the industry as an educator, Elaine will work with the Kupa education team to develop effective and pertinent information for brand partners and its social sites, including KupaTV, its YouTube channel.

Kupa caught my eye and that of the industry with all the additions that Richard has made to the company since taking ownership,” Elaine reveals. “He has been branding the company, not just as an e-file company but as an incredible nail brand with successful education to support the entire nail industry…and not just the things Kupa sells. I am excited to work closely with Richard while we take the company to the next level and beyond.”