Lash Perfect conducts training in India

By Sophie Nutt | 01 February 2019 | Movers & Shakers, News

Lash Perfect India

Lash Perfect India has partnered with VLCC academies to offer Lash Perfect Lash Lift training.

The training, which took place in January, gave trainees the chance to learn the techniques behind the natural lash enhancement treatment that offers lifted lashes in 30 minutes.

Lash Perfect India has partnered with VLCC academies, which has now added Lash Perfect courses including Classic, Russian and Express training to their curriculum. The Lash Lift training, which took place over three days, was an intense course seeing trainers being taught Lash Lift techniques and knowledge of products so they can go on to teach the course in VLCC academies.

“We are proud that Lash Perfect India is spreading the word about our popular Lash Lift treatment,” says Beverly Piper, founder and director of Lash Perfect and The Eyelash Design Company. “It is a highly profitable service that we think will suit busy technicians and give them a chance to offer their clients something new and different!”

Sharon Scott Bose, Lash Perfect India distributor, adds, “VLCC, India’s leading beauty and nutrition institute (in association with One Extra degree marketing pot Ltd) invited over 19 technical zonal trainers of the VLCC institute to learn the Lash Perfect technique of Lash Lift and tinting.

“Coming from the north and east zones of India, each participant mastered the art of lifting and tinting with the natural eyelashes over three days at their Keerti Nagar Training centre in New Delhi. The expert trainers, Ms Geeta Vlamiki and Ms Nishaa Singh, were overwhelmed with the passion and enthusiasm the participants showed. The training was intricate along with hands on guidance to achieve the right technique and finish.”