Marian Newman reveals line of :YOURS Love stamping plates

By Kat Hill | 24 March 2018 | Launches, News

Create speedy nail art designs with the latest stamping plates from :Yours Loves, designed by Marian Newman.

Inspired glamorous jewellery, the four new plates see a variety of graphic designs for clients to choose from for speedy nail art in the salon for a variety of length of nail. Used with CND™’s Creative Play lacquer, an endless amount of creative combinations and looks can be created.

Available from Sweet Squared, the YOURS Loves Marian Newman collection sees the plates Mannequin, Charm of Chains, Royal and Diamonds are Forever.

“I have long been quite obsessed with chains and I love the idea of making nails reflect a personal jewellery choice,” reveals Marian Newman. “We’re all drawn to sparkly things so I have combined plate designs that standalone or can be used with a variety of techniques, but also have placements for crystals and stones.”

The new additions are available individually as well as in a collection from Sweet Squared at