Lauren Holmes hosts Instagram nail art workshops

By Kat Hill | 20 April 2020 | Movers & Shakers, News

Lauren Holmes Workshop

Scratch Stars Awards 2019 Gel Polish Stylist of the Year, Lauren Holmes, is set to host a variety of virtual nail art masterclasses.

Created to inspire and improve nail art work, Lauren say the classes are designed to get techs ready to go back to work ‘with a bang’.

Scroll down to see Lauren’s schedule!

The workshops are hosted via a separate, private Instagram account. “Other nail professionals can buy tickets to the workshops via my business account, @nailedit_beauty,” states Lauren.

“Participants will then receive an emailed confirmation of what we will be covering and what products I will be using.”

Users will then be granted access to the private account when their booked workshop is scheduled, where they will have access to the Instagram Live content for 24 hours to rewatch as much as they like.

“Techs can either watch or work along with me!” states Laura. “During the live stream, they can ask questions that I can answer.

“I hoping my classes provide techs with some new skills ready for when start working again so that everyone can go back with a bang. Nail pros will have new and exciting services and skills to offer their clients to entice them to book an appointment.

“I’m also achieving a sense of normality from these classes. Sharing the workshops has definitely lifted my mood; I struggled so much for the first three weeks.

“Holding these workshops has really given me a purpose, a reason to get out of bed and a kick start to make my own creativity flow again!”

Upcoming workshops

21 April: Floral Nail Art – Versatile, year round designs. “My clients love them,” Lauren states. “They can look so complicated and detailed, but are so simple when you know the techniques.”

22 April: Rave Workshop – This class will consist of rainbows, psychedelic prints, smiley faces, hearts and yin & yang symbols. “I will cover all the skills you’ll need to create a bright vibrant set, perfect for a holiday or festival – or just an outgoing client.”

23 April: Space – “This class will feature my Scratch Stars Award winning design, along with four other intergalactic looks. The skills the techs will learn in this workshop are also transferable to create a number of different design.”

More workshops will be announced soon via Lauren’s Instagram account – click here!