LECENTÉ announces Nataliya Al-Ta’ai as lead educator

By Kat Hill | 21 November 2017 | Feature, News, Training

Sweet Squared educator, Nataliya Al-Ta’ai, has taken on the role of lead educator for nail art brand, Lecenté.

Nataliya will be making her debut by creating, organising and facilitating three special training days, alongside Lecenté co-founder, Maria Cientanni, for Lecenté UK and international educators. Nataliya will now be responsible for providing training to all new distributors and educators internationally, and will begin by training two new educators in the USA. Nataliya will also be tasked with ensuring all Lecenté educators are updated with necessary skills, applications, techniques and product profiles.

“From creation to application, the Lecenté education process is an extremely well-thought-out journey with one purpose; to satisfy the need of the nail professional with all things that sparkle!” Nataliya says. “I am so proud and excited to be a part of this amazing team, where education is paramount to success. My role as lead educator encompasses training all of our glitter queens to the highest standard domestically and internationally, so that in turn each Lecenté educator can ensure shimmering success from every student.”

“Nataliya has been our ‘go-to’ educator for quite some time now and we have a fantastic working relationship,” Maria Cientanni, comments. “Nataliya’s talent, expertise and enthusiasm combined ensure she is the perfect person to crown our glitter queens worldwide!”

Lecenté products are avilable via Sweet Squared at www.sweetsquared.com