Chloe Randall

Light Elegance turns to the art world to inspire 12 spring nail shades

By Chloe Randall | 31 January 2022 | News, Products & Treatments

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Light Elegance is encouraging nail technicians to find the artist within them with the 12 shades in its spring 2022 nail colour collection.

Inspired by classic art masterpieces, ‘The Artist’ collection features soft and neutral tones which have been paired to complement each other and your client’s style.

The shades available:

  • Do the Van-Go-Go- a creamy coral
  • Bare Canvas- a creamy vanilla
  • I’ll Pose for Leo- a neutral, dusty rose
  • Stroke of Genius- a creamy olive green
  • Take it Easel- a warm, neutral pink
  • Pencils & Paint Brushes- a mauve
  • Creative Chaos- a soft emerald green
  • Nudie- a champagne silver
  • My Masterpiece- a glittery coral
  • Monet All Day- a shimmery pink
  • Don’t Frame Me In- a glitter with tones of purple, pink and yellow
  • Wanna Watercolour?- A soft glittery pink

The collection is available in P+ Gel Polish, Colour and Glitter Gel, depending on the client’s nail needs.

The P+ Gel Polish has a formulation that lasts for three weeks and removes in under 10 minutes when used with the P+ QDbase.

“We designed a palette that falls in line with these trends but still has the versatility to allow nail artists limitless creativity,” reveals Light Elegance’s co-owner and colour mother, Lezlie McConnell.

“The result is a range of dazzling shades, from semi-bold to soft pastel, that empower nail pros to paint whatever portrait they desire.”

Light Elegance’s ‘The Artist’ shades are available individually or as a full collection via