Light Elegance unveils HEMA-free P+ gel polish system

By Helena Biggs | 05 October 2020 | News, Products & Treatments

Light Elegance P+ Gel Polish

Serving up hard gel performance in a brush on, soak off system, the P+ gel polish range from Light Elegance is ideal for clients seeking a speedy service with strength and flexibility.

Available in the UK via Sweet Squared, the HEMA-free range launched with 36 colour and glitter gel polishes, and is HEMA-free, cruelty-free, gluten-free and vegan friendly. The 12-piece Timeless collection of natural-looking shades has since been added to the range.

Manufactured at Light Elegance’s headquarters in Oregon, P+ gel polishes can be applied over JimmyGel, Lexy Line hard gels, acrylic or the P+ QDbase coat. This base coat is designed to accelerate the removal of P+ Gel Polish, allowing the product to soak-off in just seven minutes.

“Our new P+ system is a truly spectacular achievement,” comments Lezlie McConnell, co-founder, Light Elegance Nail Products. “The combination of 21+ day wear, silky-smooth application and all the magic of Light Elegance colour makes P+  a joy to both wear and apply.

JimmyGel has been an overwhelming success, and now it has the perfect colour companion in P+ Gel Polish. Together, they make a system that provides a fast, easy and—most importantly – fun-to-use way for nail professionals to deliver their clients the long wear and intoxicating colour they deserve.”

The specially designed brush allows for easy application, and the formula is available in a 15ml bottle. What’s more, the bottles are shaped like chemist flasks; a nod to Light Elegance’s focus on the chemical make-up of its products. A try-me kit is also available.

Light Elegance P+ gel polishes are available via