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Lincoln beauty pro turns her hand to business coaching to support nail techs & therapists

By Callie Iley | 22 March 2024 | News, Training

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Rebecca Atkin, a beauty business owner with over 8 years’ experience, has established a coaching programme to support self-employed beauty business owners.

Rebecca Atkin

Rebecca Atkin

Helping others to reach their goals by drawing on her industry knowledge and experiences, Rebecca Atkin’s courses via The Positive Beauty Business Coach cover a range of topics, including advice on setting up a beauty business and managing clients.

Owning a training academy through her Lincoln Lashes company, Rebecca often found herself supporting students in establishing their beauty businesses. “I noticed how many of my students needed help starting from scratch,” she remembers.

The Positive Beauty Business Coach

“I’m so passionate about supporting fellow industry professionals in their endeavours to achieve happiness and financial freedom. I want to help people face the problems I came up against when setting up my company,” Rebecca explains.

“I hope my journey and industry experience can guide beauty business owners through the things I should have done from the start but didn’t, such as having clear policies in place and taking deposits.”

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