London Fashion Week AW20: Smudged punk nails @ Vivienne Westwood

By Sophie Nutt | 20 February 2020 | Events, News

Untitled Design

Vivienne Westwood debuted her AW20 collection at the Serpentine Gallery at London Fashion Week, showcasing her renowned punk style.

Peacći nail polish was worn by models courtesy of Marian Newman who opted for an imperfect ‘smudged punk’ and ‘trashed’ nail look in an array of shades highlighted in the Vivienne Westwood AW20 collection and make-up looks.

“No rules; no formula; all about character and individuality,” – Marian Newman.

“AW20 is, as usual for Vivienne, about individuality!” Marian comments. “Is it anarchy or is it punk? I would say punk.

“Each model will have an individual but tribal look; trashed and not trying too hard! It’s what the typical Vivienne Westwood character would play with before they go out. We mirrored the lipstick with trashed red but with a black influence, using Peacći in Diva and Jet Black. The nails also mirror the uber gold shimmer used as facial hyperreal highlights – this is. special bespoke mix.

“Then, the archetypical trashed black (that many of the models would happily wear on a normal day) plus a little touch of gold foil to finish.

“No rules; no formula; all about character and individuality.” / /