Londoner nail habits REVEALED!

By Kat Hill | 15 June 2018 | Expert Advice, Feature, News

Le Salon

On-demand beauty concierge, LeSalon, has revealed Londoners beauty habits thanks to a new survey.

After over 6000 Londoners were surveyed, the results revealed that that the age range spending the most amount each month on beauty treatments is 45-54 at £138, and the age range spending the least is 25-34 at £76. Ranges 18-24, 35-44 and 55-64 were revealed to spend on average £78, £114 and £80, respectively. The stats also found out that singletons and people in couples are spending the same amount on beauty treatments per month.

LeSalon’s research also looked at popular nail colours and shapes for each London postcode. The square shape seems to be most popular in the South, with people in East London favouring the coffin and oval shapes.

The monthly spend was also found to differ, with people in the North West spending the most amount of money on beauty treatments each month. They also rated the importance of having beauty treatments the highest, at a 10/10. The South East rating the importance the lowest, at a 6/10.

Check out the full infogram below!

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