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Looking for salon workwear that combines professionalism, comfort & style? Check out Funky Scrubs

By Rebecca Hitchon | 08 February 2022 | News, Products & Treatments

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UK brand, Funky Scrubs®, is striving to change perceptions of workwear for the beauty industry and beyond.

Recognising that a professional brand image is a direct reflection of your business but also that you need to feel comfortable in the workplace, Funky Scrubs® was founded by Jo Minchin and Lyndsey Price, after they felt unable to find a stylish scrub retailer in the UK.

Preparing for the return to work after the winter 2021 lockdown, the pair opted for designs from a US website but were astounded by the expensive taxes, shipping and return fees, so they started their own brand.

“We didn’t just want the same offering as the American brand – we wanted to elevate it,” Jo and Lyndsey tell Scratch.

“Our main aim is for consumers around the country to feel great at work while still wearing something functional.”

Funky Scrubs® products are made with four-way stretch and antimicrobial fabric to allow you to move around with ease and offer protection against bacteria and odour. They are also fitted with soft waistbands and cuffs for a snug but comfortable fit, as well as seven pockets in each set of scrub pants and three to four pockets in each top.

The Classic and the Urban

With two designs available, the Classic and the slightly more casual Urban, and a variety of colour selections, beauty professionals have a choice of how relaxed they want the style of their workwear to be.

Funky Scrubs® has also tried to consider beyond the consumer. “We spent time thinking about what sustainable really means to us as a brand,” reveal Jo and Lyndsey, who tell us that they avoid the use of paper where possible and have opted for eco-friendly packaging. However, when it came to sourcing fabric for their scrubs, being sustainable became more difficult.

“Making fabric, whether it be from materials like bamboo or recycled plastic, still requires electricity and chemicals, therefore still leaves a footprint on the earth. It also does not offer versatility, composition or comfort,” the pair continue. “The best way for us to be sustainable is to ensure our scrubs sets have longevity.”

Longevity also means that if customers want to refresh scrubs and purchase a new set, their old set can have a new life. Funky Scrubs® partner with charity, InterCare, who support around 100 health units across five countries in sub-Saharan Africa by sourcing surplus medical supplies from the UK and sending them to places in need.

“We accept used scrubs and send them across to InterCare, and offer £5 off a new set for every scrub set donated. It is our way of doing a little bit to help the environment as well as supporting people in need,” say Jo and Lyndsey.

Funky Scrubs® sets are available to purchase via and the brand offers discounts for bulk orders.