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Master the ePedi with Lucy Pastorelli’s ePedi Course & 7-piece drill bit kit

By Callie Iley | 25 June 2023 | News, Products & Treatments, Training

Lucy Pastorelli Epedi Course And Kit

Taught by Lucy Pastorelli across three UK locations, the LP ePedi Course is a one-day intensive ABT accredited course teaching how to safely perform electric pedicure treatments.


Taking place in Glasgow, Sheffield and the South East, the LP ePedi Course teaches qualified E-file techs the dry pedicure treatment, offering an alternative to blades, scrubs, peels, and hand filing using the E-file and drill bits to remove dry, hard skin with ease.

Allowing techs to offer bespoke treatments to clients, the ePedi allows for precise footwork while reducing the strain for the tech. It offers a safe, thorough alternative to pedicure treatments, notably for diabetic clients as ePedi’s remove the risk of cuts from blades, and for clients who suffer from fissures or cracks as it allows techs to comfortably remove hard, callus skin.

Offering a hands-on approach to learning with small class sizes and one-to-one education, the LP ePedi course features live demonstrations and practical assessments and doesn’t progress to the next step until all students are confident in the techniques being taught.

Students will receive an ABT accredited certificate upon completion of the six-hour course, after demonstrating all necessary skills to perform the service. Online course videos and learning materials are provided following the course.


The course will cover:

  • The E-file – how it works, the different parts to it & its speed settings
  • The ePedi drill bits – how & when to use them, RPM speed, the right angles & the correct techniques
  • How to safely work on & reduce callus skin
  • How to safely work on & reduce fissures (cracks)
  • How to exfoliate the foot
  • How to work on corns & problem areas
  • How to work safely over the natural nail, removing non-living tissue & creating the perfect nail preparation for product application
  • How to safely clean your E-file & drill bits
  • The right way to conduct client consultations & cover contraindications
  • How to create treatment plans for your clients
  • Anatomy & physiology 
  • Health & safety


For the course, students will need any brand of eFile machine, the LP ePedi Kit, prep tools and product-free toes, as students work on each other for the course.

The LP ePedi kit, Lucy Pastorelli’s seven-piece drill bit kit, has been designed by Lucy and the LP team, providing all the drill bits needed for ePedi services.


The ePedi kit contains:

  • Mini Diamond Ball
  • Diamond Pedi Cone
  • LP Flosser
  • Diamond Flame
  • Pedi Carbide
  • Corn Ball
  • Exfoliator

LP ePedi kit