MARGARET DABBS LONDON introduces Lower Laser Therapy

By Kat Hill | 18 July 2017 | News

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Footcare specialist, Margaret Dabbs London, has introduced a new treatment across its London, UK and Dubai clinics – Lower Laser Therapy.

The treatment technique soothes a variety of ailments utilising lasers. Pain-free, the laser action is a warming sensation on the affected area and the settings are variable depending on the clinical findings. The average treatment is 30-45 minutes in length, varying on the specific area to be treated. While the frequency of treatment also varies, the average recommended treatment is three sessions, two-to-three times per week in acute cases. Once per week for chronic conditions is being recommend, with an average of eight sessions to complete the full treatment.

The treatment is working to help clients coping with plantar fasciitis, bunion inflammation and pain, along with tendonitis, including Achilles heel, and bone and joint pain and inflammation. Metatarsal, Oedema and inflammation are aided, as well as improvement in muscular related strains and reduction of pain.

The treatment is also being used for clients that are seeking improvement and healing of keloid scar appearance and post-surgical incisions, as well as pre- and post-operative following surgery.

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Image c/o Margaret Dabbs London