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Margaret Dabbs London welcomes handy shoe freshener to help eliminate bacteria

By Zoe Wickens | 19 January 2020 | News, Products & Treatments

Margaret Dabbs London's Shoe Freshener

Margaret Dabbs London has launched a new three-in-one Shoe Freshener with Active Oxygen (Ozone) Technology.

The technology works through a naturally occurring chemical reaction when electricity is applied to moisture, which produces the molecules O2 and O3 Ozone. These molecules help to disinfect and kill viruses, as well as inhibit the growth of bacteria.

The brand says that users are able to refresh their shoes with the Freshener in three handy steps after plugging it in and placing it inside a pair: cleaning through the use of Active Oxygen technology, purifying by eliminating bacteria and fungi that causes odour, athlete’s foot and fungal nails, and then drying from the inside out to finish.

It is suitable for all footwear including slippers and boots, as well as socks and crash helmets.

Visit www.margaretdabbs.co.uk and follow the brand on Facebook.