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Marian Newman receives British Empire Medal for services to the nail industry during the pandemic

By Guest Writer | 20 July 2021 | Movers & Shakers, News

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Well! My goodness! What a day! I was given my British Empire Medal yesterday. Here’s how it all began…

This day was the end of a journey that started around September time, last year, when I received an email asking me if I would accept the British Empire Medal from the Queen in her Birthday Honours List for ‘Services to the Beauty Industry during COVID’.

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Umm, yes please!’ Was my response. Then on acceptance, I was told it had to be kept secret until it was officially announced in October. So I kept quiet, while being so honoured and excited!

It turns out that it was my ‘best girl’, Jennie Nippard that had the idea and asked for help from Alex Fox and Millie Kendal to write the application. I had NO idea!!!

Fast forward to 19 July 2021 – yesterday – when the awards ceremony was hosted  having been delayed due to lockdowns.

I always knew it would be a local ceremony, rather than a Buck House presentation. This actually turned out as a big relief and a positive, as it was far too hot and relatively short!

The big day arrived and, as usual, I hadn’t decided what to wear! It was ‘formal’ and ‘ladies can wear hats’. Not me!

Two of my children + 1 wife + 1 husband wanted to attend so that was  my four allowed guests (unfortunately my eldest daughter was available for the first date, but not the revised one). So, suited and booted, off we went to The Old Palace, Hatfield House. This is quite local and was where Elizabeth I was told she was the new Queen of England.

marian & family

Fortunately, I am not of a nervous disposition, so was really looking forward to the ceremony where I would be presented my medal by the (very handsome) Lord Lieutenant of Hertfordshire.

After a short welcome and explanation of the proceedings, Lord Salisbury (Owner of Hatfield House who lives there with his wife), gave a welcome speech in a wonderful room in The Old Palace where Queen Elizabeth I used to live.

There were 12 recipients. The citations were read out by the deputy Lord Lieutenant. I was the last one, as my married name begins with a W. (I am known as `Newman’ my maiden name, as my married name is too complicated, but I am proud to take my husband’s name in the ‘real world.)

The 11 recipients before me did truly amazing things; so much so that I was beginning to think ‘but I just ‘do’ nails’!!! But my citation (written by Jennie Nippard!) was so amazing that I stopped thinking that! And as Alex Fox said to me –  “But you saved minds”!!!

marian newman with bem

I’m immensely proud to have this honour! I appreciate that so many in the nail industry recognised what I did when I just did what I thought was a ‘good idea’ and I enjoyed it so much! Then my ‘tongue in cheek’ group name has morphed into The Federation of Nail Professionals. We are starting to be recognised as a valuable sector.

For me, this accolade can only help to elevate the industry, so I accept this honour for all of us! Because, in the words of a well known commercial ‘we are worth it’!

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