Mavex launches Micoxan Intensive Nail Solution treatment

By Sophie Nutt | 20 January 2020 | News, Products & Treatments

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Mavex has launched Micoxan, a new treatment designed to improve nails affected by fungal infections.

The Micoxan Intensive Nail Solution boasts an antiseptic, repairing and protective action to reduce dyschromias and yellowing while strengthening and hydrating fragile, damaged nails. The innovative formula penetrates deeply in the nail to return it to its natural splendour and shine.

The full Micoxan nail treatment consists of:

  1. Micoxan Regenerating Cream
    – Regenerates deteriorated, stained and thickened nails.
    – Normalises nail thickness.
    – Should be applied over the nail.
    – Non-greasy.
  2. Micoxan Intensive Nail Solution
    – Helps to speed up the absorption of the main active principles of the cream.
    – Works as pre-treatment in difficult cases.
    – Should be applied under the nail.
    – Non-greasy.

The Maven Intensive Nail Solution is available via