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Meet the winners: NailOn Global Championship 2020

By Alex Fox | 17 August 2020 | Movers & Shakers, News


The winners of the first NailOn Global Championship online competition have been announced!

Hosted by team at Innovation Beauty Academy, Northampton, registration was open until 23 June across five categories (Non-Scissors Manicure, Extreme Shaped, Mix Nail Art Box, Perfect Almond, Gel Polish Manicure) in three skill divisions.

With an extremely prestigious judging panel of 24 cherry picked from across the globe, the NailOn competition presented an exciting opportunity for techs seeking avenues to focus their skills and imagination during the summer of coronavirus.

Organiser Mariola Mikolajczyk, comments: “Together we welcomed around 300 participants from 60 different countries. This meant we were also able to help people in need and offer a donation of £468 to the Refuge charity from the registration fund.

“All entries were sent in as photographs, which needed to meet specific guidelines set out in the rules, so the judges could judge all criteria from the scoresheets. All categories and divisions offered first, second and third place trophy winners with an additional trophy and title of Grand Champion also calculated. This trophy was bestowed upon the participant who scored the highest overall across all categories.”

NailOn also presented a specialist division; a photographic competition with Summer Story as its theme. This category was free to enter and judged by public voting. It also offered three divisions with a first-place winner in each.


GRAND CHAMPION 2020 – Katarzyna Rogus – The Netherlands


Novice Division

  • 1st Aleksandra Bernardy Pawlak – Poland
  • 2nd Vaida Minciene- UK
  • 3rd Edyta Kopaszewska – Poland

Professional Division

  • 1st Orsolya Karikó – Hungary
  • 2nd Sandra Lotko – Poland
  • 3rd Agnieszka Bystron – Poland

Expert Division

  • 1st Annamaria Wieszt – Germany
  • 2nd Rachel Burke – Ireland
  • 3rd Katarzyna Rogus – Netherlands


Novice Division

  • 1st Weronika Woclawek – Poland
  • 2nd Aleksandra Bernardy Pawlak – Poland
  • 3rd Krisztina Szatmari – UK

Professional Division

  • 1st – Paulina Seydak – Poland
  • 2nd – Ewa Kroczek – Poland
  • 3rd – Joanna Tylkowska-Witas – Poland

Expert Division

  • 1st Rachel Burke – Ireland
  • 2nd Andreea Simona Ignat – UK
  • 3rd Harkai Pietra – Hungary


Novice Division

  • 1st Weronika Woclawek – Poland
  • 2nd Agnieszka Kuczek – Poland
  • 3rd Sylwia Siudalska – UK

Professional Division

  • 1st Valentina Milicevic – Bosnia & Hercegovina
  • 2nd Izabela Szyszkiewicz – Poland
  • 3rd Anna Pieczywek – Poland

Expert Division

  • 1st Jana Janeckova – Czech Republic
  • 2nd Katarzyna Rogus – The Netherlands
  • 3rd Victoria Ruotsalainen – Finland


Novice Division

  • 1st Weronika Woclawek – Poland
  • 2nd Lara Zavala – Portugal
  • 3rd Agnieszka Kuczek – Poland

Professional Division

  • 1st Anna Pieczyek – Poland
  • 2nd Anna Prus – Denmark
  • 3rd Hong Luu – UK

Expert Division

  • 1st Marina Dambrauske – Sweden
  • 2nd Anna Kubicka – UK
  • 3rd Jacqueline Mcclemen – Canada


Novice Division

  • 1st Rafaela Filipe – Poland
  • 2nd Weronika Woclawek – Poland
  • 3rd Agnieszka Kuczek – Poland

Professional Division

  • 1st Anna Pieczywek – Poland
  • 2nd Izabela Szyszkiewicz – Poland
  • 3rd Sandra Lotko – Poland

Expert Division

  • 1st Sylwia Golec – UK
  • 2nd Joanna Gromek – Poland
  • 3rd Katarzyna Rogus – The Netherlands


  • Novice – Aleksandra Bernady Pawlak – Poland
  • Professional – Marina Durdevic – Croatia
  • Expert – Emily Misson – UK

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