Mii Cosmetics debuts nailcare & colour range

By Helena Biggs | 02 August 2021 | Movers & Shakers, News, Products & Treatments

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Are you ready for some show-stopping nail shades? Mii, the brand launched by Gerrard International in 2011 and famed for its make-up, brow and tanning lines, has expanded into nailcare – owing to the expert knowledge of an industry aficionado.

Susan Gerrard, winner of a Scratch Stars Lifetime Achievement Award, has over 30 years’ experience in the natural nailcare sector. A spa and salon industry mogul, her company has scooped shelf-loads of awards for beauty training and distribution and the needs and wishes of spas, salons and their customers have been behind its every move.

“Throughout my career, I have been motivated and inspired by so many in the industry,” Susan comments. “Ten years ago, we launched Mii Cosmetics, which is now in over 1,500 UK salons and spas and distributed in 24 countries.

“It’s been a life-long dream to use my knowledge, experience and passion for colour to create the best nailcare range possible and the manicure and pedicure range from Mii produces stand-out results.”

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Susan worked alongside a team of seasoned beauty experts & laboratories worldwide to develop effective prescriptive treatments, long lasting, fast-drying colours & glossy finishes for standout manicures & pedicures.

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The Mii nail range includes over 100 shades from the Colour Confidence Nail Polish and Statement Gel Polish lines, alongside treatment base coats, quick-dry top coats, tools, accessories and hand and footcare products; all designed for ‘extraordinary’ manicures and pedicures and supported by training opportunities at the Susan Gerrard Beauty Academy, a Habia Centre of Excellence.

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Described by the Mii team as ‘inviting and beautiful yet simple, modern and fun’, the Mii nailcare line has been created over five years under rigorous scrutiny, with quality and performance paramount. The shades are inspired by a lifetime of stories and dreams.

Shop the Mii nailcare range at www.miicosmetics.com